Huskk Wallet Review (With Coupon!) - Leather Facts
Our next company spotlight is for Huskk. Since Huskk almost exclusively makes wallets, this will really end up being not just a company review, but also a Huskk wallet review. As usual, we will try to remain impartial while also recognizing how Huskk has acted in their interactions with us. About Huskk Huskk is all about minimalism. They want to provide a stylish, non intrusive wallet that is as convenient as possible. They classify themselves as "free thinkers", and simplicity is definitely their end all be all. How's The Quality? Most of Huskk's wallets are made of Italian leather, of relatively high quality. Many of Huskk's wallets are cell phone case/wallet combos, and the cases themselves are made of plastic. Since I'm not a plastic expert, I can't vouch for the quality there. However, the leather parts themselves are nice. Oddly enough, along with wallets, they also sell a leather bowtie, which is also nice quality. And Price? Huskk has recently brought down their prices by a