Zaitsev Trade Request | Leafs Hub
News broke yesterday of a request from Nikita Zaitsevs camp for a trade out of Toronto. With Kyle Dubas calling his reasons for the request "personal and private" we can only speculate on what the 27 year old, right shot defender is thinking here, but rumours are currently revolving around an unhappiness with the media. Of course you won't hear much about that from the media.... because who wants to admit that they're part of the problem? But I digress. His reasons for wanting out aside, it may be a good time for the Leafs to have Nikita ask to be moved. They're in a situation where they are trying to re-sign RFAs Mitch Marner, Kasperi Kapanen and Andreas Johnsson, while also trying to stay below the cap ceiling of 83M. So rather than dwell on the reasons why he'd want out, and the reasons why the Leafs may want to move on, we get to jump right into trade speculation, which is a fans favourite past time, right? Right!! Edmonton Oilers Probably not the best of fits at this exact moment