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We are now just a few days away from the debut episode of the "Blue N' White Tonight Podcast" where we look at "The Shanaplan" and the Toronto Maple Leafs' complete change in philosophy. Here's a special message posted Wednesday afternoon on the Official BNWT SoundCloud Page... [gap height="10"][gap height="7"] So why the hell do we need another podcast you might be asking? Well the truth is, the LAST THING we need is "just another podcast!" I came up with the idea for BNWT after listening to numerous online shows all over the internet. Some were Leafs-related and some were about hockey in general. Some sounded great and some sounded like they were recorded in the utility closet of a subway tunnel! A few were very serious and others were trying too hard to be funny and different. As a regular online Leafs writer, I'm always look for ways to expand my reach when it comes to providing quality Leaf content for the the largest fanbase in the National Hockey League. After thinking it over