Today the Hockey Gods Determine the Fate of our Franchise | Leafs Hub
he flame of spirit that once shone bright had been doused. Failure had been endured, even accepted as part of their culture. Many believe it only solidified and strengthened the resolve. No heartache or collapse could tear down what they had built, what they represent. Nothing could break them. Or so we had thought. The "them" and the "they" I speak of are actually an "us". Leafs Nation. There is no other nation quite like ours. We've survived dictatorship, a wealthy pension fund who only saw bottom lines, and now this. Ruled by rival corporations even the most loyalist of men could not muster trust or faith in (see HNIC). The love, the support, the pride of our fans was so formidable the mightiest of army's could only defeat, never destroy. The will to move on after disappointment was marvelled at. An almost incomprehensible bond to the colors that was the envy of the sporting world. It is fact, no fans are like Leafs fans. No outside force or organization could match or compete with