Tis the Season to be Trading? | Leafs Hub
I pay attention to a lot of Leafs noise, I don't call it all coverage because most of it is just static. Amongst all of the noise, you can decipher some nuggets of truth or even something that may be thought-provoking. Take a look at the current Leafs with a record above .500 but haven't been playing solid hockey it has been downright ugly, well can we pause and look to back last year when we won just two games in October and the Ginger save good (shout out to the Cpl Matthews account @CplMatthews ) looked shaky and not the goalie that would lead us anywhere ? May I also recount that the season previous we have the dubious distinction of being dead last!! Now fast forward to present we have been inconsistent and again Andersen is not playing to his full potential. The Leafs team defense is scary as Trump having the nuke codes. That being said we are still grooming a corp of young players, we also are working in a guy fresh off a snapped leg, a new vet, and a couple Swedes fresh to