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A Breath Of Fresh Air For Sports Radio On Saturday February 14th (Valentines Day), whilst dreadfully waiting for some lovey dovey movie to come on at 9pm (Crazy, Stupid, Love -- The movie was actually very entertaining and had no clue Steve Carell was in it), I got random follow from a Nick Konarowski. After creeping his profile and learning he was as disgruntled of a Leafs fan as I was, in pure trolling fashion trying to get more hits on a survey we were doing here at Leafs Hub, I respond with this honest invite. @LeafsNation905 This is neat. When will you guys be revealing the poll? I'll mention it on my show — Nick Konarowski (@NKonarowski2) February 15, 2015 It was this response that intrigued me to find out more about this Nick fellow and a DM chat ensued. Not really my forte to disclose anything from a direct message chat session, but I will disclose that within the chat he sent me the link to his interview with Oshawa General's GM Roger Hunt. Though the episode was