The Blue N' White Tonight Podcast — Just Three Episodes Left!!! | Leafs Hub
ell… it's been an awesome run everybody! What started as a far-fetched idea in my head has turned into a weekly online radio show that people actually enjoy! How crazy is that? 30 episodes of Toronto Maple Leafs content, some awesome guests, fake commercials, clever poems, prank calls, and crazy tunes! So what comes next? Episode 31 will focus on the amazing youth that seems to have suddenly appeared in this organization. From the Marlies incredible season to the youth infusion on the big club, who better to chat about this subject than "The Voice of the Marlies" himself, Todd Crocker! Episode 32 we'll look at the season through the eyes of a man who I personally think is the best in the business when it comes to calling a hockey game. The man himself- "The Voice of the Leafs" Mr. Joe Bowen! We'll chat about how he sees the scorched-earth rebuild coming together and maybe even ask him what's going on with Mr. Stamkos. After all, he IS friends with the family! As as you all know