MAPLE LEAF MEMORIES – 1967 – Vol 1 Issue 1 | Leafs Hub
Ok . . . hands up if you remember seeing a Toronto Maple Leaf Stanley Cup game let alone a victory. ...crickets... Since the Leafs last Stanley Cup in '67, there hasn't even been a return to the finals. It got this writer wondering, what was it like 50 years ago? As a writer for LeafsHub.com I get to mix with a Leafs Nation that knows their hockey and is loyal to the team, bar none. One of our LeafsHub most faithful readers is Ingy56. We often find him commenting his passion for the Leafs on our website. Ingy was very generous in offering up some of his personal recollections of the season that was Toronto's last Stanley Cup. The 1966/1967 season. "This season was a tumultuous one for the team, player feuds with Imlach had been going on for years. Carl Brewer eventually retired from pro hockey because of his longstanding feud. The player's union was becoming a reality and Imlach was part of the old guard steadfastly against it. For some reason he was particularly hard on one of his