Standouts Against Buffalo | Leafs Hub
After four preseason games, we've been able to get a decent grasp on how both roster and non-roster players are faring. This piece will take a look at each roster player's performance, then will rank each non-roster player and summarize their performance in their game against Buffalo below. Note: These are personal observations, feel free to disagree. Roster Players (listed alphabetically in groups) The "Excellent" Group Ron Hainsey (1)- (Last Game: "Poor")- I might get some flack for saying Hainsey was excellent, but his first and second games were a difference of night and day. In his first game, Hainsey was the worst defenceman on the ice, but in his second game he was extremely reliable. He was making good pinches and did a great job of getting the puck to someone who could move it if he couldn't take it out of a scrum himself. He played the very simple, effective game that he's known for. Patrick Marleau (2)- (Last Game: "Excellent"): Marleau might have been best all around