Round 1 – Martin Marincin vs Justin Holl | Leafs Hub
Tale of the Stick Tape Martin Marincin 6'4 (not including 11' stick) 203 lbs Left Shot Toronto - NHL 2016/17 25gms 1g 6a 7pts +3 Advanced stats per @HockeyAnalysis Where to begin with Martin Marincin. Originally a 2nd round pick in the 2010 NHL entry draft by the Edmonton Oilers, Marincin was acquired by Toronto for a 4th round pick in 2015. Polarizing is the word oft used to describe players who are appreciated by one group and criticized by the other, and by definition that might as well make Marty the North Bean Pole. Marincin has long been a point of reference in the analytics community as a defenseman who doesn't always pass the eye test but has strong underlying numbers. What the numbers show is that Marincin consistently is on the ice for more shots for and goals for than against. His long stick makes entry into the zone extremely difficult. With the importance of the neutral zone today I think that's one area Marincin