Q&A: Paul Marner | Leafs Hub
Interview conducted by: Ben Shelley and Peter Baracchini ver the course of the Marner All-Star Invitational, Paul Marner, Mitch Marner's father, took the time to speak with us and answer some questions on planning the event, the chemistry on the Maple Leafs, media coverage of the team and Mitch's desire to give back. What do you think of Mitch running this event? Obviously we're proud of him for having the initiative to take this on. I think from an early age, especially when he was in London, the Hunters ran that team like a professional team and at an early age he learned about the importance of community, visiting hospitals and of course [with] being a Leaf, that's part of the territory. He always wanted to do something once he was a little more established and decided to take a shot at it this year, so we were really happy. When did the idea come up and what was the planning like? The idea probably came up late last fall. We weren't sure if we were going to try to pull it off this