Preseason Finale – Nylander and Brown Make the Team? | Leafs Hub
I know we're all disappointed that the preseason is over so quickly...the good news is we get to enjoy one more meaningless game before we get on with the 2015/2016 regular season. Here are a few things to keep in mind as we head into tonight's matchup: C'mon people...Babcock knew what he was getting into. Four straight preseason losses haven't got him second-guessing his decision to leave Detroit. I expected that to become a narrative at some point, but in the preseason??? We're better than that, Leaf fans. There. Will. Be. Pain. It's going to take some time for Babcock to decide who to run with in goal. Neither Bernier or Reimer have separated themselves during the preseason and grabbed hold of the #1 spot. We know Babcock prefers to have a clear cut #1 though, so expect some back and forth to continue until someone steps up. Then the crease will be theirs. All I know is, the conversation is tiring and at this point I really don't care who it is (as long as it's Bernier). The Leafs