One-on-One with Rick Vaive – Part 1 | Leafs Hub
or many of us at Christmas, the conversation will turn to old times. Around many Canadian homes, those memories revolve around the game of hockey. When the stories start to flow about the great players who were in our homes every Saturday night, certain names are synonymous with an era. Some of you were raised with Dave Keon or Darryl Sittler. Others were drawn into Leafs Nation with heart and soulers like Doug Gilmour and Wendel Clark. Our younger readers first Captain to bring them off their feet was likely Mats. And then for some guys, the Leaf we pretended to be on the pond was number 22, Rick Vaive. When we talked about doing a special interview for our first Christmas here at LeafsHub, it had to be someone who could share intimate history of wearing the Leafs crest. We wanted to bring you the words of a former Leaf who could not only tell his tales, but offer a deep analysis of the current Maple Leafs team. A man with knowledge of the game both then and now. There was one Captain