Ok its finally over. What's Next? | Leafs Hub
Great. The Penguins are the Stanley Cup Champions of the 2016-17 NHL Season. Raise your hand if you care? Great. Two of you care. The rest of us do not. As an aside, the NHL is attempting to stretch out the season to maximize its exposure on the international stage, but is walking a fine line. Why? Dragging this Finals out has the potential of alienating several of the die hard fans that it already has. Bettman is taking a page out of the Superbowl play book but a Cup awarded in the middle of June (a game played on ice) is pure lunacy. Simply put, the Season is too long. Rant over. Alright, so what is next for the NHL? The above list shows the timeline for what will take place over the next few weeks in the NHL. Now that the Bettman Gag-Order is officially lifted, ('please do not steal attention from Cup Finals') we will see the Las Vegas Golden Knights (I am not even sure if that is their name as I type this) start to