Nineteen Ninety-Three | Leafs Hub
I am a diehard Leaf fan, I don't apologize for that. I'm Nostalgic. I don't apologize for that either. I wanted this year to be different. I assume we all did. However, with 2015 being the disaster that it is, I find myself in deep thought about why I am still a die Hard Leaf fan. How did I get this way? And without fail 1993 is what comes to mind and it's what makes my blue blood flow. I realize that this particular year has been well discussed in Leaf nation many many times, but I don't think I can write about anything else until I discuss 1993 and what it meant and still means to me. First though, I need to give you some background, some context. My Dad came to Canada in the summer of 1967 (the irony is not lost on us). He had $17 in his pocket, but had followed his heart. His girlfriend's family (my Mom's) had moved out of the Scottish slum they both were raised, in search of a better life here in Canada. This is a story many Canadians can relate to. He arrived with $17 in his