Nazem "Suspension" Kadri – Cap casualty? | Leafs Hub
The NHL has become boring and predictable on the trade front. That's a massive understatement. The name of the game these days is keeping your high end talent at all costs. While there are some blockbuster hockey trades (Ryan Johansen for Seth Jones, P.K. Subban for Shea Weber etc, I'll omit any deal made by Peter Chiarelli because it's Chiarelli), more often than not it's the supporting cast and complimentary players that move from team to team. Teams with depth feeding teams without, in order to keep the balance that the salary cap is supposed to keep, and in order to pay the players that keep ticket sales up, even if your team isn't a true contender. And this is where the Leafs find themselves. A team that is simply looking to keep it's stars in house. Thanks to an abundance of star power, a couple of stubborn contracts, and the higher than expected demand from those stars, they may need to move some contracts and the players attached to those deals in order to straighten out the