Morgan Rielly- Norris Trophy Winner? | Leafs Hub
hen the Toronto Maple Leafs drafted Morgan Rielly with the fifth overall pick in 2012, it was the impression that the Leafs would hope to have a top tier, first pairing defenseman in the works for the future. When I first started writing for Leafs Hub, one of my first articles focused on the emergence of Rielly as a potential top pairing defenseman. We are approaching on three years since I wrote that article. It takes a while for defensemen to develop and come into their own as it is a difficult position to take on. Leafs fans have been waiting patiently for a guy who can handle the pressure of being on the top pairing. And since his first season, we have seen Rielly progressively get better and better. Now, at 24- years- old, we have seen even more proof that Morgan Rielly has already established himself as the top- pairing defenseman that this team has needed for a long time. We're not even at the end of October and Rielly has already broke his personal best in terms of production