Marleau on the Move | Leafs Hub
News broke a few days ago about the Los Angeles Kings and Toronto Maple Leafs being engaged in trade talk involving veteran forward Patrick Marleau. Then last night Nick Kypreos broke the news that it's not just the Kings that are interested in Marleau, but the Colorado Avalanche and Arizona Coyotes as well. Patricks family are heading back to San Jose and it's being said that he wants to be as close to them as possible. With a return to the Sharks being extremely unlikely based on their cap situation, it's teams such as the aforementioned three, that are relatively close geographically, that will make the most sense to trade with. To understand the full situation, and what any deal might look like for Patrick, we should get a few of the CBA rules straight first. This is from the "Retained Salary Transactions" section of the NHL CBA: (AA - Averaged Amount/A players cap hit) (SPC - Standard Player Contract) In the context of Player Trades, participating Clubs will be permitted to