Leafs start Preseason 4-0 with another victory over Buffalo. | Leafs Hub
Ok cool kids along the QEW just settle down. Go ahead and ice a majority of the NHL lineup for the 2018-19 season to impress your fans. Do that and it will make you feel better when you trounce the AHL version (plus some studs) of the Maple Leafs when they come to Buffalo. Problem is, the Maple Leafs do not roll over. And the Maple Leafs organization is light years ahead of yours right now. Leafs Win. Leafs Win again. Last night in the 'All-America City', the Toronto Maple Leafs took care of business again by dusting the Sabres by a score of 3-2. Maybe that isn't exactly a dusting but considering who the two teams dressed...I say another win for Milos. Starting in net last night was Frederik Andersen, his second start of the season and he has looked mid-Season Freddy in both of those contests. Let us be honest, last season the team and Andersen himself fatigued the goalie chasing some dumb record that nobody cares about except player and a few people who love researching factoids.