Leafs Nation Has Spoken | Leafs Hub
ast week, we put out a survey challenging your armchair GM abilities on how YOU would shape this team going forward were you given the chance. We asked you to dig deep and attempt to truly capture the broad range of GM job responsibilities taking into consideration salary cap, prospect pipeline, future direction of team, trade opportunities and general business activity. We asked you to send a message to the Toronto Maple Leafs by completing this survey so that you as a nation could be heard. One week and 485 submissions later, we at The Hub are now ready to deliver this message for you. Now for those who didn't fill the survey (shame on you) and as such are unfamiliar with its queries, the details follow: 1. Of the Leafs current roster, which 5 forwards, 3 defenseman and 1 goalie would you want to keep on this team? 2. Of this same roster, which 4 forwards, and 2 defenseman would you want to trade? The option of leaving a slot blank was also given just in case an entrant felt this