Leafs locker clean-out day at the ACC. | Leafs Hub
The season has come to an end for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Some players will recuperate. Some will travel to the World Championships. Some will move on to other teams. Here is a compilation of some of the more notable tweets from our beloved Blue and White. And let us be honest, there are a few spicy meatballs in here. ----More to come. This to me is a not-so-subtle request by Matthews thru the media to Coach Babcock and the management team. Marner is on board with the request. Is the Coach willing to listen? Love Matthews clearing this up. Lets move forward this summer, not backwards. God I love Derms. But in my opinion he has already progressed to the NHL, this will give him the opportunity to continue his season, get some confidence back in his game and be even more ready for next year. https