Leafs' Future Core: Closer Than You Might Think | Leafs Hub
here is a lot of trash to take out on this Maple Leafs roster. The current underperforming core that has developed a worthy reputation as a group that will collapse at a key point in a season or a critical game 7, no matter what you surround them with or what style of coaching you force them into. They have to go. They not only can't get it done, they are the opposite of what you want youth to learn from. The vast majority of Leafs Nation is in agreement - give or take a discussion on a player like Kessel - that this core is done. Break it up. But let's take the high road here: Let them all move on to other teams in secondary roles where they don't have to lead, and enjoy some success. And sadly, Leafs fans, like many many MANY times before, we will watch these players who underperformed here end up flourishing elsewhere. Get ready for it. The job of demolishing this current roster and trading away the numerous hefty contracts is going to be as arduous as they come, but Shanahan and