Law of the Jungle – Part 1 | Leafs Hub
Last year I wrote a piece on Dave Poulin and looking back on it, I think it serves as a decent preview to a story I've been working on in regards to Mike Babcock and his potential hiring in Toronto. These were my thoughts at the time, with a few adjustments. We at Leafs Hub aren't going to publish the story I have on Babcock until Detroit is eliminated from the playoffs. What I can say is this, I have been privy to what I consider some interesting information on the matter, and we look forward to sharing when the time is right. Until then, this is my take from this summer. here are certain things from our early years that stay with us. My red and black Sherwood, which was cut perfectly to the size I wanted, is one. Another from that particular period of Atom eligibility was an interview CBC conducted with Philadelphia Flyers captain, Dave Poulin shortly after losing to the Edmonton Oilers in the Stanley Cup Finals. Poulin was bright and articulate, a trait I found uncommon with most