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How Babcock Fits In With "The Plan" ichael Friggin Babcock. Never thought we'd land him. In fact, I sneered at the very notion. I went so far as to poke fun at the futility in luring a highly decorated and globally respected coach given the impending evisceration this team will soon undergo. From a pure hockey standpoint, there were laughably few reasons to expect him to choose us. He is a coach who can make contenders and champions out of GOOD teams…not THIS team. Why, at this stage in his career, would he choose to lead a mashup of core players which has been exposed by the last few seasons as being untenable and fatally flawed? Why would a hockey man so revered even entertain the idea of placing his long term professional fate in the hands of an ambiguously defined management team burdened with the long and arduous task of remaking this franchise despite having yet to cut their collective teeth outside of minor hockey? Like most long-time fans, I've often had my (naively optimistic)