How To Upgrade The Blueline | Leafs Hub
How to Upgrade the Blueline? Shortly after the lovely start of our 2016/2017 season, as some of you may recall, I wrote a piece called "Pimp My Blueline" outlining what I'd like to see the Leafs do to improve the corps on the backend for the short and long term. The piece mentioned potential unrestricted free agents to sign and draft eligible prospects to select with our first round pick and develop. I know this is yet another piece talking about the team's' defense but hey can you blame me? It's clearly their biggest weakness and easy to talk about. Anyway, after 88 games that consisted of many "Shit!", "F**K". "Wow", "Unreal", it was easy to determine that we need to upgrade the blueline in order to take the next step. I know what you're thinking "Yeah no sh*t it is, they're going to do that and we'll make it to the second round". I always like to think that whatever we know, management does as well and then some. And that's exactly it, what we know is that the team will