How The Leafs Broke The Unbreakable Man | Leafs Hub
s Leafs fans, we can easily identify that this season has been one of the worst in a long time. It has quite often recently been compared to the Leafs of the 1980's - something that I cannot speak to first-hand, because of my age. I offered up the word "despair" one morning speaking to Jeremy Taggart on Macko And Cauz, and he replied back with a telling phrase: "Leafs fans get Christmas cards from despair." I knew Jeremy was right, and I unfortunately only had a brief moment to speak with him. Shortly thereafter, I was prompted to delve deeper into the psyche of a normal, long-time fan. I decided that I wanted to speak with someone that I knew personally. Someone in my life that I respected, and that could explain to me the terror of a first-hand account of the atrocity that was the 1980's Leafs - something I realistically could only read stats on. I didn't have to search farther than my own family tree. I could easily describe my grandfather in one word, but as a tenured Leafs fan,