Andrea's Hocktionary: Volume VI | Leafs Hub
"Oooooh, we're halfway there, ooooHHHH livin' on a prayer". If you've been paying attention this season, not only did you read that in the voice of Bon Jovi, but you also pictured Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner singing it. We are at the halfway point of this season and into the sixth edition of the Hocktionary; so we are going to ensure that your hockey vocabulary keeps up with the development of the aging season. All-Star Game -- remember your high school talent show that your principle loved but everyone else hated? Ya, this is the NHL version of that. Once per season, right in the middle, an All-Star game is held where all of the best players in the league (and sometimes average guys who fans vote in as a gag) gather for an overly elaborate, meaningless game. This game has no bearing on the season and, because nobody wants to risk injury for something meaningless- nothing happens. There is a skills competition the day before that is a bit interesting- pitting some of the best