MAPLE LEAFS (30-22-14) at HURRICANES (27-27-10) 7:00 pm (CBC-HNIC) 03/11/2017 If the Leafs want to be a playoff team, and I think we can agree they've shown that they do, this is a game that they absolutely have to win. Going into Carolina, which at times has been a house of horrors for the Leafs in recent years, to play a team that is closer to the bottom of the Eastern Conference than to a playoff spot is a situation that you have to come out of with two points. Make no mistake about it, it'll be tough, because despite their record, the Canes are a solid team. They generally defend well, keeping shooting lanes clear so their goalie sees what's coming at him, as well as keeping their defense between attacking players and rebounds. That's what they did well in their 2-1 victory early in the season in Toronto. It's also what they didn't do well in a 4-0 Leafs win in Carolina on February 19th. On that night, after struggling in the first period, the Leafs were able to create fantastic