The Tampa Bay Lightning are the only team in the NHL to clinch a playoff spot and have done so with a whopping 108 points, a massive 15 points ahead of the 2nd place Boston Bruins. To put that into perspective there are 14 points dividing the 2nd placed Bruins and 15th placed Montreal Canadians. The Tampa Bay Lightning are further ahead of the 2nd placed team in the NHL than the 2nd place team in the NHL is away from the 15th placed team. That is simply incredible. With a deep blueline, forwards, and one of the best young goalies in the game, the Lightning are a true power house right now. So, the Leafs will need to bring everything they have to get away from this one with a win. Kasperi Kapanen will sit tonight, which means Trevor Moore gets another game in the NHL. Frederik Andersen starts. GO LEAFS GO!!