Today the NHL turned it's focus away from the recently signed William Nylander (Finally!!) and towards the west coast, as they officially approved the city of Seattle as the location of the NHLs 32nd franchise. This time around I would expect the Leafs to lose more than an okay prospect. With that said it's extremely tough to gauge just where the Leafs will be during that time, as there are still 2 full seasons to play before Seattles NHL debut and a lot of change will likely come between now and then. So, for now, I won't be drawing up expansion draft plans. On to the game. The Leafs roll into Buffalo tonight to face a team that has followed up a 10 game win streak by going 0-2-1. They'd love to get back in the win column I'm sure, and it would be all the sweeter if they could do it against the rival Leafs. If the Leafs do drop this one they'll move back a spot in the standings as well, as the Sabres are just 1pt back of the Buds. The Leafs need to try to neutralize the Sabres top