A lot of stories tonight. John Tavares will face off against the New York Islanders for the first time since he signed a 7 year, $77M deal this past summer. Barry Trotz had some words to share: Some might agree that John Tavares didn't want to have those players as teammates anymore. On the other hand, you could say he decided to chase an opportunity for less money, and that Barry Trotz, a guy that left a Stanley Cup champion team for a team that isn't close to being considered a contender, but agreed to pay him more, bailed on his team for nothing more than financial gain..... so maybe shut up, Barry? In other news, starting goaltender Frederik Andersen is out with a groin injury. The entirety of Leafs nation is praying this doesn't turn into a long term situation. Andersen has arguably been their MVP this year (thanks Lou), so an extended absence would be extremely tough on the overall standings. This is a great opportunity