Fine!! Here's a Marner article, but you're not gonna like it!! | Leafs Hub
The Mitch Marner fiasco has once again been shifted into high gear after Elliott Friedman said in his latest 31 Thoughts that things are "tense and personal." I think mistake #1 was bringing feelings to the negotiating table, but I digress. Rumour after rumour has hit the wires over the summer, so I'm going to try to sift through a few. A while back it was rumoured that there was a deal on the table that Brendan Shanahan nixed. The numbers were around 3 years at 9-10M. Now, with Friedman also having said that Marners camp pitched a 3 year deal similar to the Timo Meier/Zach Werenski contracts, where the final year would have the highest salary and would thus lead to a massive qualifying offer once the player hits restricted free agency again, I'm wondering if both rumours are one and the same. Friedman says that the final year of the proposed deal would have been around the $15M range, which would mean a massive qualifying offer. He went on to say that the offer is no longer relevant,