efense. It's the annoying thing that all sports dads shout at their sons no matter what sport is being played; "defense", "hustle" and "let's go boys" combined with the occasional clap. It's more, however, than just a catchy thing to yell when you want to show that you're paying attention, it is a crucial and often underappreciated aspect of sports. Every kid dreams of being Gretzsky, Lemieux, Crosby etc and scoring the overtime Cup winning goal; very few dream about being the reliable defenseman who allowed the team to hold a lead to get to that OT period in the first place. Defensemen are most often, the unsung heroes of the ice. The Leafs have had some amazing defensemen over their history; Salming, Horton, Turnbull, the days of Markov and Yushkevich still bring a tear to my eye. These days, our defense corps is showing the signs of the current rebuild more than any other area; it is easily the shakiest and least solid area of our team. We are able to score at an increased rate