CTE Awareness In The NHL | Leafs Hub
In November of 2013, a number of former NHL players came forward to file a class action lawsuit against the NHL. Their claim is that the NHL failed to warn them about the long-term effects regarding traumatic brain injuries and also failed in providing the proper care for when such injuries happen. Players have been reported to be dealing with mental health diseases such as Parkinson's, Dementia and Alzheimer's. As of now, there are currently over 100 former NHL players who are a part of the concussion lawsuit, including Gary Leeman and Rick Vaive as part of the original 10 members who initiated this lawsuit. Since then, it has been a back and forth affair between the NHL players, their legal team and the NHL. In March 2015, a judge denied the NHL's request of dismissing the concussion lawsuit. Then, in May 2016, a federal judge thwarted another attempt from the NHL to dismiss the concussion lawsuit. While NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman continues to have his request for the lawsuit to