Could An Offer Sheet Be A Good Resolution For Marner? | Leafs Hub
Earlier today TSNs Bob McKenzie wondered if the Leafs would actually want to see Mitch Marner sign an offer, and I can't say the thought hasn't crossed my mind before. The main issue I see with this route is the fallout between player, management and the fan base moving forward. It has been said that after Shea Weber signed an offer sheet with the Philadelphia Flyers, when he was a member of the Nashville Predators, that even though the Predators matched the offer it was then a foregone conclusion that Weber wouldn't be a Predator for life. They didn't like the fact that he tried to sign elsewhere, and matching had more to do with retaining the asset than anything. My question is this. Would management actually get on board with this? Also, ignore management, would the fans ever forgive Marner if he tried to sign elsewhere? Would his signature on an offer sheet mean the beginning of the end of his time in Toronto, given