Can you feel it? Hockey is getting close…. | Leafs Hub
Monday afternoon the Toronto Maple Leafs announced that summer was OVER ! Well, not exactly but with a simple tweet.....we are one step closer to hockey season. The Maple Leafs, led by Marlies Head Coach Sheldon Keefe, will load up the bus to not Peoria but Traverse City Michigan for the 8-Team Tournament. This marks the first time the Leafs have joined this group for a pre-season tournament and it should actually be a competitive environment. Here is how the schedule breaks down for our Blue and White. The roster will be 32 players, with 18 forwards, 11 blueliners and 3 Goalies all taking part. It is going to be very interesting to see how Ian Scott and Joe Woll play between the pipes. This could be a battle for the next several years as both of these young men want to one day be the starter for the parent club in the NHL. Nic Robertson is another body that I am excited to see play along with SDA up front.