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The hell that was the playoffs has passed, and now it's time to discuss what needs to happen moving forward. Yes, I've finally had enough time to not write from pure hurt and hatred. That's it for a preface, let's get to it: Mike Babcock and some coaching thoughts I've seen a lot of theories on Mike Babcock lately. Theories about why he plays the players he does and why he's so set in his ways, I'm not going to touch on it. His coaching tendencies have been analyzed ad nauseam and he's been lynched for just about all of those tendencies. I don't much care for any of that. He's the coach of the Leafs and I'll hope for success from him moving forward. I remember the days of Randy Carlyle and Ron Wilson before him, I take Mike Babcock every day of the week over those guys, so my only real concern here is who are you getting that's better than Babcock? If you tell me Sheldon Keefe then I have this response. I believe that Keefe could be a very good NHL coach, but the emphasis should be on