Andrea's Hocktionary: Season II — Volume I | Leafs Hub
Welcome back one and all to a new season of Maple Leafs hockey. It's that time of year when the leaves are changing on the trees and the Leafs are developing on the ice. Every season brings with it a new sense of hope, and this year it actually has a basis in fact and not just a wishful thinking. This new hope is as good as the movie that shares is name. Now that the hockey world is taking Toronto's team and skill a bit more seriously, it's time to ensure the education of the fan base so that all fans are properly representing the team and other fans. In other words, we don't want stupid fans making the rest of us look bad, that's what Sens fans do. Wrap Around - very different from a reach around, never ever confuse those two. Performing one as opposed to the other during the game will get very different reactions, even if they both end up in you scoring. This is when a player scores from coming out from behind the opposing team's net and wrapping the puck from around the back