All-Time Enhanced: The Best of the Post-Expansion Maple Leafs | Leafs Hub
By: Sean Tierney For fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs, the past decade or so has been mostly brutal. Playoff misses, failed free agents grabs, botched deals, and a five-minute long playoff collapse that was virtually soul-crushing. In 2015, in takes a lot of blue blood and heart for fans to stick with a team that is finally embracing a ground-up rebuilding project. But, as Sportsnet reminds the Leafs faithful, times have been worse in Toronto: And, honestly, fans of the Blue and White are going to need to search hard for these types of silver linings and glimmers of hope to endure this rebuild. The likes of William Nylander, Connor Brown, Antoine Bibeau will help. Heck, Mitch Marner, Dylan Strome, or whoever the Leafs snag in the 2015 draft will likely be a big part of the solution too. In time. In the meantime, a look back at brighter days in Leafs history seems warranted. With the use of advanced statistics, it's possible to take an objective look back at the greatest players at