A Brief History of Salary Dump Trades and What We Can Learn From Them | Leafs Hub
Patrick Marleau could be moved this summer in order to free up cap space for the Toronto Maple Leafs, that's well known at this point. What isn't known is just what it will take to move on from the 6.25M cap hit the veteran will carry through the 2019-20 season. In order to figure it out it may be worth the time to look back at some other deals that fit into the salary dump thread. The Trade To ARI: Niklas Grossman, Chris Pronger To PHI: Sam Gagner, conditional 4th or 3rd The Breakdown At the time Grossman was around 30 years old and had 1 year remaining on his deal. Sam Gagner had 1 year left as well but was owed 5M compared to Grossman, who was owed 3.5M. Pronger had 2 years left with a caphit that was just under 5M, but was owed just 575K in each year. This one was as much a salary dump for the Yotes and a good way for them to get to the cap floor. The Trade To DET: Joe Vitale, 1st (#20, Dennis Cholowski), 2nd To ARI: Pavel Datsyuk, 1st (#16, Jacob Chychrun) The Breakdown At the