10 Red Flags to Watch Out for on July 1st | Leafs Hub
uly 1st is the day unrestricted free agents are allowed to sign with any team. But there are many a bad contract that have been signed, then bought out a year or two later. Deals like these create cap crunches that can cripple a team looking to compete. So how do we avoid bad deals? Well there are usually some red flags that we can look out for to help avoid bad contracts. Red Flag #1: First thing to look at is player history. If a player has one season in which they score 30 goals, but every other year of their career they scored in the 12-15 range, it's unlikely they are going to repeat. For example, David Clarkson's career goal totals before he signed his monster contract with the Leafs were as follows: 9, 17, 11, 12, 30, 15. Notice any outliers? Clarkson had never even hit 20 in any other season, yet the Leafs were expecting, and paying him to be a 30 goal scorer which he simply is not. Red Flag #2: Shooting percentage. Again, I could use Clarkson as an example, but alas I shall