Winter season brings the most dangerous climatic conditions to drive. Wind, cold, rain, snow and icing limit the circulation in the traffic and force the driver to change the driving pattern. To deal with these adverse conditions, basic suggestions have been put together in these ten hints for driving in the winter: Preparing for the winter The vehicle must be in perfect condition to be safe. Tires, brakes and shock absorbers; the battery, wipers and buzzers must be checked. Proper air conditioning inside It is very important for the driver to feel comfortable at the steering wheel, and there must be a suitable temperature for driving without feeling too hot or cold. This recommendation is the clearest of 10 tips for driving in winter; it is necessary to remember and implement it in order to ensure safe driving in winter. Accurate lighting In winter, daytime hours are shortened and fog-like events become common, so the view diminishes. It is recommended to drive the car with short