The AAA Foundation has led different investigations to find basic missteps that youthful drivers made when directing. In view of the reports, AAA suggests guardians instruct youngsters about the dangers related with these mistakes and the means they should take to forestall them. As indicated by NHTSA, almost 56 percent of youngsters executed in auto crashes in 2013 were not broken. Guardians ought to dependably accentuate the significance of wearing a seat strap since it can altogether decrease the probability of damage or passing in a car crash. The 2015 AAA Foundation ponder including 1,700 mishap recordings uncovered that diversion is a factor in around 60 percent of all auto crashes. Messaging while at the same time driving is one of the greatest diversions among youthful drivers. Guardians can fortify safe driving conduct as a decent good example and can not utilize cell phones and other electronic gadgets in the driver's seat. It has been watched that youthful drivers for the