Knowing the subtleties of driving in foggy weather will help you keep driving pleasure and travel safely. The reason for the slippery floor is not just rain. Fog reduces both sight distance and makes the floor slippery. Drivers must act with this consciousness. In poor weather conditions, road signs should be taken into account, not vehicles. In foggy weather it will be risky to try to minimize the movement of other drivers on the road. The lane change should not be made in conditions that force the drivers. If the strip is to be replaced, you must be careful. The fog itself is not the cause of an accident. Accident risk increases with vehicle maintenance and controls interrupted. Because of this, the road must not exit without vehicle control. In foggy weather, slippery will increase and you should take care not to overturn as the distance will decrease. If you need to do panning, you need to know what to watch out for when fading. HINTS FOR DRIVING IN FOGGY WEATHER source: https