Total Corruption By Clintons and Obama Unraveling Before Our Eyes! | THE CONSERVATIVE
Your President Will Not Take Actions To Stop This! Horrible! Your and my President does not take any action to stop these horrible actions...why???...does he respect and love Christians or does he agree with ISIS and the Islamic Muslim Terrorists so much that he will not even acknowledge them? Is he saying that he is a Muslim and that he does not love or respect Christians? What do you think? Are you a conscious American or are you in bed and love this corruption by your politicians? May God forgive you as a Christian if you say that there is no corruption and you approve of what is going on today. The liberal mainstream media which consists of ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and more.... continues to refuse to report most of this corruption as protection and cover-up for the liberals. If you disbelieve my statement....look at that monitors what the media reports and you will see what is being reported. The truth will win out and