Costumbres Navideñas, Latino Style! | Latin Times Media & Magazine
Costumbres Navideñas! In our "native lands" there were many customs taught to us by our parents, and by our parents' parents, each associated with enjoying time with family and friends as we celebrate the holidays! These are the warmest times of the year, simply because they are filled with a certain magic. Chances are, if you put a bunch of Latinos together in a house, yard, club or hall and throw on some of our great Latin music, you're going to have one heck of a party! Our fiestas are beyond comparison – far from boring or mundane. Even on regular occasions you still find plenty of food, drink, music and dancing. But during "Las Navidades" we go ALL OUT! Preparing lots of delicious traditional dishes, decorating the house with all your treasured Christmas decorations and humming those great canciones in preparation of our next fiesta. Hispanos have many similarities…not only our shared language, but also our customs, look, styles, beliefs and traditions. Not all