Chuti Tiu | Latin Times Media & Magazine
Latin Times: Tells about yourself, your family and your family History? Chuti Tiu: I am mixture of Chinese, Filipino, and Spanish Born in Louisiana. My Dad is Chinese from the Fujian Province, China, but he was born in the Philippines, my mother is Spanish and Filipino. I only spoke English at home. Latin Times: What inspired you to be an actress? Chuti Tiu: I always loved making people happy, making them smile, and entertaining them. I started with playing classical piano, and I loved being in front of a camera and on stage. At a young age, I did my very first play - Snow White, playing the title role. As I was growing up, I wasn't allowed by my parents to think of acting as a profession; they wanted me to be a lawyer or some kind of professional. It took some convincing, but eventually they finally realized that acting is my true calling. Latin Times: Tell us about some of the movies and TV shows you have been in? Chuti Tiu: Most recently I guest-starred on the show Nashville. I