Noemi Bosques: Ranked number 3 in the US! NBA Title and WBU Title Holder! | Latin Times Media & Magazine
Get to know Noemi Bosque, TOP Latina Fighter! Jolie Gonzalez-Padilla: When did you know that you wanted to be a boxer/fighter? Noemi Bosques: I realized I wanted to be a fighter after I started fighting (for fun) at local bars and won every single time. Mind you, this was before I even had any fight training! Jolie Gonzalez-Padilla: Tell us how and you got started as a fighter. Noemi Bosques: I started training, mostly to get in shape and lose weight after I had my daughter. I already had a little experience at the "bar fights". I was a single mom, had a lot of aggression, and channeled it- this is what has made me successful! Jolie Gonzalez-Padilla: What in your opinion has been your greatest achievement in your professional fighting career? Noemi Bosques: I've had several! My greatest achievement is to live against the grain as a Latina, single mom, coming from a broken home and still being successful through hard work and vision! Right now I'm