It's no secret I have a bias when it comes to Jason Falkner. As webmistress of the powerpop master's unofficial website for the past eight years and having attended nearly all of his L.A. shows within that span, I consider myself something of a Falkner connoisseur. It's a harrowing task having to review one of your favorite artists because you actually have more of a propensity to critique them. There's no wiggle room; I know full well when Jason is in top form, and when he's not. What's more, since Jason spends most of his time producing (just this year he's completed records with cult favorite Daniel Johnston, Dutch artist Anne Soldaat and put out his own self-produced album, All Quiet on the Noise Floor), he only plays a handful of shows any given year—most of which are in Japan, to the vexation of his loyal local following. An L.A. show has become something of a sacred event, so it was no surprise that Saturday's sold-out show at Spaceland was as packed as I've ever seen. Opener