When Cold War Kids got colossal back in 2006, they had a secret weapon: producer and musician Matt Wignall, a longtime Long Beach fixture whose always had a hand in a lot of great local music. Now Wignall—inspired in part by Ikey Owens, a very inspiring person—has a new project of his own called War Girl, recorded in his own Tackyland studio and just about ready to release their first record. Originally including Cold War Kids founders Nathan Willett and Matt Maust, War Girl is now a seven-piece including Wignall, bassist Tamara Raye, keyboardist Enya Preston, percussionists Erick Diego Nieto and Jeff Suri and singers Anne Dereaux and Marika Dahlin. This song "People"—a smash-cut frenzy of rhythm that connects classic funk and soul to Can and Primal Scream—was recorded live to tape at Tackyland and the video was made by Wignall himself. War Girl will be playing their record release show at Fingerprints in Long Beach on June 1, and they'll have 70 special hand-made lathe-cut 10"s